Spring Onion And Brinjal Recipe | Eggplant Spring Onion (Green Onion)

If you have thought of making Spring onion and brinjal recipe, then you are thinking right. When you do not have time to make a dish that takes too much time to make a recipe, then you can make Spring onion and brinjal recipe, because it does not take much time to make this dish and gets ready quickly. The taste of this dish is salty and spicy.


By the way, you may have eaten brinjal recipe very often or you have also eaten brinjal fry but you may not have eaten green onion and brinjal recipe. So prepare this recipe today and taste the recipe. We hope you will like this recipe, if you like this recipe then you can also read our other recipe.

Ingredients :


Brinjal chopped 250 grams

250 grams of green onion chopped

Oil 2 tablespoons

Ginger garlic paste one teaspoon

Turmeric powder a teaspoon

Coriander Powder One Teaspoon

Coriander leaves a little bit

Red chili powder 1 teaspoon

Salt to taste

Green chili chopped slightly


Method: Spring onion and brinjal recipe


1. To make Spring onion and brinjal recipe, cut the brinjal into medium size and also cut the green onion and wash the brinjal and Spring onion and put it on a separate plate. How To Make Brinjal Fry (Eggplant Fry)

2. Now heat oil in a pan, when the oil is hot then add the brinjals and chopped green chillies in the oil and fry it with a spoon for 1 minute.

3. After 1 minute you will start to feel the fragrance of brinjal, then add ginger garlic paste to it and cook by mixing it with a spoon until the raw aroma of the spices is known for 1 minute.

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4. After 1 minute the ginger garlic paste will be well fry, now add red chili powder, turmeric powder, salt as per taste and cook by mixing it for 1 minute.

5. Now add chopped green onions and mix it well with brinjals and spices and close the pan and cook for three to four minutes.

6. Now open the pan and see that the brinjal and green onion recipe has been prepared, it tastes delicious and spicy smell as soon as the pan is opened and now this recipe is ready. Egg Malai Recipe In 10 Minutes

7. Now add green coriander leaves and drain in the serving bowl.

Eat green onion and brinjal vegetable with roti, paratha.



We have added both red chili powder and green chilli, if you do not like to eat chilli, then you just add green chili and do not add red chili powder.

You can tie this recipe in an office tiffin or children’s school tiffin.

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