How To Make Coconut Oil (Pure Coconut Oil)

Is coconut oil in the market real or fake? Everyone cares about it. In this case, it is a bit difficult to identify the right coconut oil. The coconut oil that we buy from the market can also be adulterated and can be real. This is a big problem. In such a situation, if we make coconut oil at home, that will be real and there will be no adulteration in it. We can also apply this oil in the hair without worrying and we can also apply body. If you make coconut oil at your home, you will not have to buy coconut oil from the market and can get rid of the rising coconut oil price. 


Today we are going to make coconut oil at home, this oil is pure coconut oil. Today we are going to make coconut oil in two ways. It is extracted from coconut oil both ways. Whichever method you feel is right, you can extract oil in that way. Coconut is available cheap in the market and you can buy coconut very easily. There are two types of coconut. One is raw coconut water and the other is dry coconut without water. We are both extracting oil from coconut. All you have to do is remove the coconut hair and remove the coconut top and cut the coconut into small pieces.

Now we will grind the coconut pieces in a mixer jar and remove the coconut milk and then you can remove the milk by keeping it in the fridge or if you do not want to use the freeze then set the cream in the polythene and then water Will remove from cream How can we make coconut oil at home today? How to easily extract coconut oil at home? Is gonna make.


You just have to take some precautions that the cream comes out of the coconut milk as much as possible. Because the cream will set properly, Coconut oil will also be extracted as much as possible and it will be beneficial to make coconut oil at home.

So let’s start making coconut oil at home.

Important things

coconut 2



Cloth / strainer

Water 1 liter

Mixer jar


The bowl

How to make coconut oil from wet coconut

First remove the coconut hair and then remove the coconut shell and cut the coconut finely into pieces.

Now keep the coconut water on the side. You can use this water in any recipe or drink this water. Now put the coconut pieces in the mixer jar and make a fine paste. Add half a liter of water and grind it once more.

Now sieve the coconut milk in a bowl using a bowl or sieve. Now the milk of coconut is completely gone. If you feel there is some milk left in the coconut, add the coconut and half a liter of water in the mixer jar and make smooth paste and sieve the paste once more in the same bowl.

Now we will keep this milk in the fridge for four to five hours so that the cream sets. After four to five hours, carefully take the bowl out of the fridge and take a thick thick layer of cream in the bowl with a spoon and pour it into the pan. There is a layer of water under the cream which is of no use to us. Now cook the cream by stirring it with a spoon for 5 minutes on medium heat.

After 5 minutes, it will boil and little oil will appear from one side. Now cook for 10 more minutes till the oil is seen in greater quantity. Now the oil will start to appear on both the sides, then reduce the flame because the oil can blow.

Now oil is visible. Cook for 10 minutes on low heat until the coconut turns brown. Once the coconut turns brown, turn off the gas and with the help of a sieve, drain the oil in the bowl. When the oil cools down a little, then you can use this oil by filling it in the vial. 

Just like we removed the coconut hair and removed the coconut and armor, cut the coconut in pieces and make a paste by mixing half a liter of water in a mixer jar. Now squeeze it with a sieve or cloth to make milk. Mix milk two or three times and extract milk. Now we will separate the cream and water from coconut milk and keep it in the fridge.

Pour the milk in a plastic polyethylene and tie the polyethylene to the thread and keep it in a safe place for three to four hours. After a certain time, the inside of the polythene will be cream and the water layer below.

Now cut the polythene from the bottom with the help of the Scissor and remove the water and put the cream in the pan and cook it in the same way for 20-25 minutes. When the coconut paste turns brown, strain the oil with a sieve and fill it in a bottle and use.

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